Web Platform for Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment
Identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing
Team collaboration
Not only between testers
Penetration testing
Black box, white box, and grey box
Penterep does the manual work for you
OWASP, Hardening, SEO, and more
Fast and customizable

We present to you a completely unique and innovative penetration testing platform called Penterep. Unlike other tools for fully automated penetration testing, our platform will also focus on supporting manual testing with connections to our automated tools capable of performing sub-tasks. Penterep will merge the best of manual and automated testing and eliminate the shortcomings of each method.

  • Manual and automated testing
  • Project management with many options
  • Checklists and guides
  • Tests for specific targets
  • Team collaboration
  • Automated customizable reporting
  • and much more...
  • High modularity, scalability, and optimization
  • Visualization of the tested environment
  • Advanced and responsive user interface
  • Charts, calculators, and many UI components
  • Secure platform environment
  • Advanced logging system
  • and much more...
Penterep web platform

Penterep is a web platform for comprehensive penetration testing. From the beginning, the platform was developed with a primary focus on modularity, scalability, and optimization. We created a considerably large environment in the limited time of one year, which is gradually being extended by other parts and its possibilities of use are thus increasing over time. The main contribution of the platform is the unification of all penetration tester tasks into one place, automation of testing processes, and team collaboration between testers and other users. The result is a solution that improves the effect of penetration testing to such an extent that the time, complexity, and work required to successfully complete the entire test will be significantly lower than using the currently available tools.




Penterep started as an applied research project at the Brno University of Technology carried out in partnership with penetration testing company HACKER Consulting s.r.o. The research and development started on 1 February 2020 under grant No. TJ04000456. The researchers have worked hard to bring to the market a solution that will effectively make the penetration testers' jobs easier.

Project details
Current state Alpha version

During the research, a proof of concept was created, from which we developed the first alpha version of the web-based penetration testing platform. At this stage, we are also testing penetration tools from the PenterepTools collection, which we are developing under the open source license GNU GPL.

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Beta version

We are approaching a breakthrough point where we will deploy the beta version of the platform into a testing environment. Many tests will be performed during the beta version. You can join the beta testing and try out all the features of our solution.

Release 1.0.

Release of the first stable version for all users. Version 1.0. includes modules for penetration testing of web applications and additional components for testing management and team collaboration.

Penterep Team

Willi Lazarov

Willi Lazarov

Lead developer (Penterep) and Researcher (FEEC BUT)
Roman Kummel

Roman Kummel

Project leader (Penterep) and Penetration tester (HC)
Zdenek Martinasek

Zdenek Martinasek

Research leader (Penterep) and Associate professor (FEEC BUT)


Hacker Consulting
Brno University of Technology
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic